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heavy - July 10th, 2008 at 12:42 PM

HI Guys

Hoping you can help us, could you please put the word out to your members/users about an exciting new online TV show Heavy is producing to find “Australia’s fastest Kombi”.

We’re looking for one team to represent their state and build a Kombi van from scratch, source parts and get it to Sydney mid September to take the time trial at Sydney Dragway. The fastest van and winning team will receive $10,000 in cash and get to keep the van. So if you’re keen to enter you club, think “Top Gear meets “American Chopper” where State vs state, man vs machine, kombi vs the clock !!

The competition starts at the end of July, in which teams have 6 weeks to tinker with the vans and participate in the Sydney time trial on week Seven. Each team will be allocated video camera’s, phones, internet cards and laptops to film the restoration, and the journey spent in coming to Sydney right up to the race day.

Some competition rules are;

· Heavy will provide each team a $10,000 budget to purchase a van, source parts and travel

· All vans must not be newer than 1975 model, have 2.0L engines and teams can only use traditional and standard parts.

· Each team must have a minimum of 5 team members in which at least one must be female

· Each team must provide a secure workshop/garage to work and store the van throughout the competition

· Teams must provide 30 minutes of footage each week to Heavy to produce a weekly show on  Footage will include teams sourcing the vans and parts, working on the vans, testing it, dealing with issues etc.. using a team member that has some filming and camera experience is a plus.

· The vans must be presented dent free and painted for the time trial at Sydney Dragway. Teams must display their team names and logo on the side of the van

· Each team must appoint a team captain who is responsible for that team adhering to all the competition rules.

Please contact Nathan Ruff on or 0410 608 329 with any interested participants. will be meeting and casting next week, so there is not time to lose!

Call me any questions



squizy - July 10th, 2008 at 01:02 PM

Nathan - Whilst I think we all appreciate the initiative, you hit the VW scene at maybe the wrong time. We've got a big show at Valla Park coming up next month, and most people are working on their own rides, or workshops are getting other peoples cars ready. That's my generalisation - but perhaps one reason why the teams haven't quite come together at this stage.'s winter....and bloody cold at night - when most people would be taking part in this (after their day jobs).

Anyhow - my 20c. Fully support the idea - just think the timing is a bit off.