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Help with van close to footscray, mechanic?? spair parts? western suburbs...
footscraybay86 - October 21st, 2010 at 01:47 AM

Hey guys, i have a 76 bay window 1600 kombi camper and i need somone to look at it for me, pretty shore the engine is over with, but really i dont have a clue, think it needs.... a new generator, and from what i can tell on the motor on the top, there is 2 arms comming off each side with a bar that is connected to the accelerator cord, and turns when accelerator is being pushed in, thats loose and falling to bits..

also, i need a new canvas for the poptop, front airgrill and bumper.

and i really dont know about how to fix it, because its not going right now, when the engine stopped running, we had been driving it to festivals around victoria, in the daylight, only charging the battery when we wanted to use it, and i had some problems with the dizzy and it wouldnt fire, but some nice vw loving soul , and it hasnt been started for nearly 2 years, im not sure if i could try start it with a new battery or nott.. if anyone would have any wise words of wisdom.... id appreciate it muchly.

really havent cared for this van as i should have, i used to come on this board when i was 17 and hoping to get my licence soon, but some bad luck knocked me back and iv only just got it.... WOOOO! hahah



barls - October 21st, 2010 at 08:36 AM

moved to here so hopefully you get more help here