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Lovely 1972 Super Beetle from Mount Gambier SA
scootissimo - March 26th, 2014 at 01:04 PM

I spotted this lovely old bug at the recent Make a Wish Market in Mt Gambier SA. Owned by an older gent, member of the Mt Gambier Classic Car Club (I think) who bought it as a wreck from Geelong and had it done up..its beautiful inside and out, it's impeccably clean and not a thing missing or broken, a credit to owner. It was an eye opener for me as a 72 SB owner, seeing what mine would have once looked like..I can see remnants of that same orange/red colour under my respray of british racing green. Turns out our SB's were born just 3 months apart, mine is an April build and this one rolled off the assembly line in June of the same year.
Mine has the "15 millionth VW" commemorative plaque on the glovey whereas this old guy's didn't have the medallion. BTW does anyone know how many of the commemorative models were made? My plaque says number 251..