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Cool hoodies and t shirts for sale
dragsters for life - October 12th, 2011 at 04:14 PM

hi all
i had some hoodies and stuff made up for our type 3 crew and while i was at it i toyed around with some other ideas
got some extra stuff made up and will be putting it on the bay but thought id give you guys first crack as i think it will be up your alley

they are only in black this time round and in the future i will be doing some more in other colors but not for a while

hoodies are $50 each
t shirts are $25 each
add $10 for post and pack but im more than happy for peeps to swing by and pick them up
im in the south eastern suburbs of melbourne (near ormond station)
pay when pick up pref but direct dep is also cool with me

limited number avail aswell

i have in an all silver logo

10 large hoodies avail, 8 left

8 large t shirts avail, 6 left

and in the gold and silver logo i have

3 x large hoodies, 2 left

4 medium hoodies

3 2x large t shirts

3 meduim t shirts

1 small t shirt, SOLD OUT

i have them on my facebook profile too and i will try and keep whats avail on here aswell

my phone number is 0400328655 and will only return text as im not a huge phone person

thank you for reading and now for some pics



gold and silver logo

all silver logo

and heres the ones i had made up for the lads in our type 3 crew
just to give you an idea on other colors we did
more to come in the future

and mods if this is in the wrong section or i have gone the wrong way about this please let me know and i can fix it

dragsters for life - October 19th, 2011 at 10:30 AM

update on stock i have left

all silver

t shirts
large 6 units
large 8 units

silver and gold logo
t shirts
x large 3 units
med 3 units

x large 2 units
med 4 units

dragsters for life - October 19th, 2011 at 12:16 PM

also more than happy to do trades for vw stuff

anything vw really
other dub tops............................................................................................