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How bad really is spraying at home re safety?
viiking - February 16th, 2018 at 10:27 AM

I used to work with chemicals and understand all the safety risks of long-term exposure to nasty chemicals.

I want to do as much body work as I can myself which poses the question about spraying epoxy primers etc in the garage at home or outside in a covered and ventilated area.

There is so much conflicting information from people who say it is "illegal" to spray outside of a proper spray booth etc and that all your neighbours and the family dog will keel over with asthma or worse.

I want to protect the metal after welding etc and I believe 2 pack epoxy is the way to go. I know the issues with iso-cyanates, but if you are only doing minor work like painting a mudguard or door, is it really an issue as long as I have some fans blowing and some PPE for mysef,

If there is something "safer" I'm concerned that anything I do to prime may cause adhesion or reaction problems when I finally get around to getting it painted.

I live in the Hills of Sydney in the burbs.

Comments please?

coletrickle - February 16th, 2018 at 04:24 PM

Spaying any type of 2k products legal or not your neighbours will hate you, smell and overspray and they see you all suited up with a respirator on, they are calling the council.That being said you can get exemptions to paint earth moving equipment outside. There is a product called Novorost? Not 100% havent got a can nearby, its a 1k epoxy rustconvertor in an aerosol.Scott Alder put me onto it. I think you can get something simular now that you can spray thru a normal gun. Or i found a little shop that hires his booth out less than 200 bucks for 10 hrs. All ya prep at home then spray at the shop you will also have an air drier at the shop. Dry air means no water inyour primer or paint =no humidity blisters. You will hate yourself if after all your hard work it looks shit cause of humidity blisters