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1997 2.0 Golf Timing Belt
baybuscamperkid - October 25th, 2016 at 11:52 AM

I'm looking at buying a nice low kms secondhand golf and am hearing conflicting things about timing belt renewal.

The car is a 1997 Golf 2.0. It has quite low kms and has had the timing belt done around 50,000km ago. My understanding is that the belts should be replaced around every 100,000km, although I also came across the request that they be replaced every 4-5 years, is this correct? The seller has not told me the number of years but due to the low kms I suspect that it will be outside of this range.

If I need to get it replaced can anyone give me an indication on cost and suggest somewhere in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne?


bushed - May 11th, 2018 at 08:55 AM

Belt and tensioner package is about $129 on e-bay and a dealer a bit more add about same for labour
you can just buy a belt about $69..could do it yourself

Lubemobil send experience guys and do supply and fit at excellent rates..on site and may let you learn or help..

The year of make and present milage also a sticker or logbook indicating kms when changed and date should be there and could shine a light on the subject.

the belt can also be checked ...try u-tube for that...a spec re the wear and any rubber fatigue appearing... also on www.vwwatercooled/forums guys may help out
eg Peter Jones! enjoy

bushed - May 11th, 2018 at 09:02 AM

watch the postage costs may be BIG add on $$

notice I included tensioner as they are also a sealed bearing and oldies can fail and damage a new belt.