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Iwish4aSynchro - July 18th, 2007 at 05:39 PM

Well we are all one big VW family.
After someone who can sell me Redline oil MT90 for less 120 dollars for 4ltrs, if they exist?
Also will post question here and in general chat.
Can i run the same oil in front diff of T3 syncro as i plan to put in Gearbox in other words can i use the same MT90redline oil in front diff?
Or do i have to or am i better off putting in the shockproof oils and any idea on what dolar mark it sells for?
I am also dumping the oil (fullremoval)from 2wd caravelle box and adding Redline MT90 to it as well. Full synthetic stuff worth a motza bu it is the ducks nuts apparently. Has anyone done thwe same and does the oil do as advertised?
Cheers all

vwjon - July 28th, 2007 at 08:10 PM

whoa there big fella! you can put GL4 in the rear box, but you can ONLY put GL5 in the front box! theres something in GL4 that rots components in the front box, it will prematurly end your front box! but the visco will be ok for your next one!

i couldn't find any redline here in perth so i'm running penrite gearbox oils, no complaints so far but i've only done 40,000k's i guess i should check the boxes soon!
hope that helps. jon

Iwish4aSynchro - July 29th, 2007 at 08:48 PM

What the; why would such a car need a specific oil for one end and not run the same in the other??
This is shitting me there maybe a cheap synchro for sale soon.. with dual diff locks.

Yes same has been said for running GL5 in the rear Cant do???? GL4 in the rear but no GL4 in the front...
GL5 in the front but not in the rear..... Its a conspiracy!!!!

The MT90 is a 75W90
Should the front be the same viscousity 75W90 only different grade of, GL5

I was about to order it on Saturday and then realised the shocks on the Caravelle need doing as it carts the Family and is more important. So Kinda lucky i waited.

This redline shit is the goods and i am about to bite the bullett and buy it as there really is no other oil that has a service life of minimum200,000K's.
So i guess the money is worth it,
Now GL5 for the front do u know how ridiculous it is even to write that, i am struggling to wrap my head around it still, anyway.
Every other Big brand of oil is about the same price but there is no real comparison, I to looked at the Penrite as i run it in the donk, but i kinda figured a Gbox that costs more than a whole subi transplant is worth the couple of extra bucks.