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cb engine numbers????
mat54 - July 6th, 2008 at 01:10 PM


was just wondering if all cb engine numbers start with
f125 because my cb has engine number f 089 or something but not f125 to start

might not be original engine anyone know?


Craig Torrens - July 6th, 2008 at 01:23 PM

All started with F125

I think the F 089 etc were 1300 motors, not 100% sure though.

Does the oil pressure switch come out the side or on the top of the case ?

57 oval - July 6th, 2008 at 02:07 PM

the following may or may be of use to you still doesnt really answer your question but they are snippets from the CB story
Accordingly to official VW documentation the first Country Buggy to come of the production line was in December 1967.
. The chassis were predominately numbered based on the 118310XXX or 118315XXX series although some 1184XXXXX numbers exist. All these sequences were from the standard 118XXXXX sequences produced by VW Germany. All chassis would have been pressed and numbered during the 1967 calendar year.

All known engine numbers were locally produced and commenced F125XXX.

Evaluation of these prototypes was conducted from late 1965 to mid 1967 and both 1300cc and 1500cc motors were used at different times

The vehicle was fitted with a 1300cc Beetle engine as standard but you could order a 1200CC ( !!! ) as an option . Engines were all �F� series and were identical to the Beetle with the following exceptions;-

Air cleaner set up was from the Transporter

Oil pressure sender unit was mounted in the top of the case and not on the side as with Beetle motors