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Author: Subject:  59 Beetle Paint tart up
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posted on August 31st, 2014 at 08:24 AM
59 Beetle Paint tart up

Gday, I'm wanting to give the paint on my 59 beetle polish and want some direction on how others have gone about it.

Its original colour is Summer Blue but has been resprayed at some point, so not OG paint but is OG colour.

Im not sure of the type of paint, ie enamel, acrylic? but it is an older job. It has plenty of dings and scratches so is a rat but I wanted to shine it up a bit.

Ive heard of people blocking back with a light wet and dry then polishing and using anchor wax or penetrol, or even just polish, whats others opinions on this?

Heres a pic. The paint is fairly dull. Im going to get the door signwriten in paint with my business name also, will I have to leave the doors until this is done?

Any help is appreciated.

cheers Chris

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posted on August 31st, 2014 at 09:33 AM

a good start is a really good wash,then a nice bucket of soapy water and a cllay bar and go over the whole car.This will flatten thepaint surface some what but the main aim is to remove contamination(embedded crap)then a good block down with probbally a 1200/1500g, should remove most scratches.Any bad spog may need some heavier sanding if ness.When hour happy with this stage its time for the buff,a foam pad and a nice machine grade ultfa fine buffing compound,as sith the sanding some rougher areas may need a medium cut first.I've also been known to also use a small amount of ultfafine compound some cornflour and some watdr in a spray bottle as the last polishing step,them a foam dimplepad and a 3m or other swirl remover.If you go the cornflour way watch build up on the pad it can clog thd pad.It's a good idea to use some neon lights to help you see the scratches.Enjoy,itsa big job but worth it i the end:)

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