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Author: Subject: Just had to share this....
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shocked.gif posted on February 11th, 2004 at 09:08 AM
Just had to share this....

Not VW, I know. But it's rad all the same.

I'm sure we've all got mates who have bought late model bent 8's?
And the sales crew who were trying to sell them another car before they even left the dealership. The manager telling them "thats your traction control... Leave it ON at all times" and "unfortunately, if you compete in any off street drag races or motorsport we will be voiding your warranty", etc, etc, etc...

Well... Last night, my Girlfriend and I picked up her black Nissan 350Z from Brighton Nissan. And what can I say. The guys there were unreal. My Uncle used to work for Nissan back when the GTR was annihilating the local motorsport scene and I always remember them having an amazing customer service and backing their vehicles all the way to the customers track days and back for their next lube job.
Well, we walk into the dealership and are met by guys there who we had'nt even met, saying how awesome the cars are. Who will be servicing the vehicle, what internet forums to check out, how other customers were increasing the performances etc... Apparently; as long as you install NISMO parts they don't care about modifications either (hrrm... supercharger, titanium exhaust :D). So I ask about "the run" DVD and if they have one in stock. So the dude takes me back to their accesorie department (after hours btw) and starts looking for one. After not being able to find one, he says "oh got to get something for Samantha". So goes off and sorts through these shelves for ages before coming back and handing me a di-cast scale model in exactly the same colour and interior scheme as her own car. And tells me that I should be the one to give it to her.
So yeah... He says he'll dig up a copy of the DVD and give it to me before I leave.
He ends up giving me his bosses personal copy and showing me that it has no scratches before handing it over. On the house too.
So we goto take the car and the manager dude has to show us "some last little things".
"this is your traction control button. If you want to slide it around and have lots of fun turn if off first and this light will show up" *points to dash*
Then he points to a digital dial, presses a button a mere flick away from the steering wheel and describes it as "a full stopwatch, so if you go racing you can time your laps and see the previous ones recorded"
Then he shows us how to adjust the strut braces and everything else funky on the car.
Now thats what I call being relevant to the vehicle and it's owner!

But there is one thing tho....

This car is phenominal :-o Tiff Needell (type that into kazaa under videos and download any which one :D) described it as "almost getting 911 performance for half the price"
It eats the TT, crossfire, RX8 and so on. Has 280HP 365NM's, and so on.

So I'm technically looking at being beaten by my Girlfriend :jesus

I think my future beetle is going to need some serious planning, auto-cad-ing, mumbo and stick:vader

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