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Author: Subject:  buying and selling parts rules.
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posted on February 17th, 2010 at 07:34 PM
buying and selling parts rules.

Administrivia: Buying and Selling parts Forum Rules Effective 12 May 2010

Hi there,

To avoid confusion, here are the consolidated set of rules for the Buying and Selling parts forum.

Mission: To buy, sell and trade parts, by members to other members.

To that end, please include:

Rule 1 - Descriptive subject

- Your state in the subject - use the pull down prefix menu to do so.
- Use a short and accurate description of the part for sale in the subject

Rule 2 - Useful description in the body

Please describe the part you're selling, buying, or wanting to trade or give away as best you can.

Rule 3 - You must name a price

Even if it's $0 or a bottle of wine. ONO / OBO / Offers above etc are allowed. Not naming any price is not. Including a link to an auction site or part dealer is not helpful, so please don't do that here as you're getting the ad for free.

Rule 4 - You must give basic contact details

You must include your real name and a phone number, and choose from one of the following:

- Suburb, State (best)
- Postcode (okay)

Don't include:
- Your full address (really not recommended)

Flooding will not be put up with.
If you have multiple items for sale, then do what everyone else does, and put them all under one post.
Alternatively, use eBay.
If you prefer to keep using multiple posts to sell multiple items, two things will happen.
1. You will be asked to sponsor the forum, as you are using it for selling purposes primarily, in which any other form would expect fees to be paid.
2. For most this won't suit, unless you are a business, so save your posts from being deleted(not even merged), I would advise the aforementioned.

Guideline - include pics.

They really help. Include photos of areas of identified rust, etc, to back up your description.

Guideline - don't slag off a ride

Don't hassle the original poster. It's their part and if they're dreaming, that's fine - it won't sell.

Comments like "Nice ride" etc are always appreciated, particularly from folks who are going to buy, sell or trade the part.

Guideline - don't slag off overseas sales

GuideLine - Dont delete the original post as it just creates a confusing post. if you want it removed please contact a mod or admin and we will remove it.

It's real old. If this was Dictatorship Australia, the furriners wouldn't get our best rust free VW's, but it's not, and so anyone can buy a part from anywhere. Otherwise, we'd have never gotten our Bugs and Buses in the first place from Germany.

That said, if someone offers to buy a part from overseas, be very wary about advance fee fraud. Get the money before you give up the part.

Commercial traders

The Commonwealth Trade Practices Act and your state's Fair Trading / Sale of Goods act (or similar) apply, just as if someone bought from you across the counter. You must put in a price of the goods you have for sale, along with indicative shipping costs.

You're welcome to post stuff here as a service to our members, but if your buying and selling forms a part of your business, please be aware that we'll likely come knocking for a sponsorship of the forum. We're cheap compared to part Sales.

What will happen if you don't do these things?

Generally, you'll have at least 24 hours to fix up your post. If you don't fix it, it'll be suspended. The person doing the suspending should tell you that it's gone. If you want to fix it up, let that moderator know via PM and they'll be able to get it back for you to edit. Edit it pronto or goes away pronto.

The Fine Print

Aussieveedubbers provides this service for free. We try to help on a best efforts basis, but you may not demand anything of us - we are a volunteer effort doing this entirely in our own time for free. We want to chat about Volkswagens, not stress out from angst from something we do for free.

Limitation of liabilities

By using this service, you agree that:

We are not a commercial trading organization
We are not liable for anything posted here
We do not know about the condition of anything posted here - you need to check that to your satisfaction before you buy
You cannot hold us liable for your purported losses (of any type) if we screw up, or refuse or fail to assist you in any way

You can hold us liable for the cost of the services provided to you, and no more. As you pay us precisely $0, this means you hold us not liable for any damages or losses as you haven't paid for a service from us. We may choose to let you advertise again at our discretion, but we are just as likely to ban you if you really cause us massive pain.

We don't do this for a living and we're not here 24/7. If you need certainty, you are welcome to use eBay, CarSales, or the Trading Post where people are paid to help you out.

Governing Law

This forum operates and is governed under Victorian law. The relevant stakeholder lives in regional Victoria, and thus any matter will be dealt with there.

However, we are reasonable people who just want to chat about Volkswagens, and thus talk to us first as it'll save a lot of time and money.


These rules apply as of 12 May 2010.

The Management

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